Want to increase the productivity of your staff?


We can help with a workplace literacy programme designed specifically

for your organisation.


Up to half of NZ workers lack all the skills they need to contribute fully to

the workplace. Yet these skills are essential for your staff to perform most



Funding is available to your business to your business to increase staff skills in:

  • communication and problem solving
  • written documentation
  • compliance – e.g. health and safety
  • computing and technology
  • calculation and measurement
  • leadership and customer service.


 Workplaces that have taken advantage of workplace training report improved

health and safety compliance, increased staff retention, better attendance,

reduced error rates and higher quality outcomes. Targeted workplace training

programmes lead to increased productivity.


How can Training For You help?

Training For You is a specialist provider of workplace training programmes. 

We work with you to discuss the issues you are facing and identify your

employees' needs. We assess their skill levels and then develop a programme

that will produce improvements. 


Your workplace programme will be:

  • Custom designed to suit your business needs and goals
  • Created in full consultation with your management team
  • Based around your own workplace documents and processes
  • On site and timetabled to suit your needs .



To get the ball rolling....


Just talk to one of our Workplace Training team. They will work with you to lift the performance of your employees.


Ring us now on DDI 06 349 1258, 0800 GET T4U (438 848) to talk to us about options for your organisation.