Certificate in Teacher Aiding, Level 4 (120 Credits)


What makes our programme so good?

  • Our certificate is broken down into three certificates to be more manageable for students who are working or have family commitments
    • Certificate in Guiding Children’s Behaviour, Level 3 (40 Credits)
    • Certificate in Supporting Literacy and Numeracy, Level 3 (40 Credits)
    • Certificate in Assisting Children with Special Needs, Level 4 (40 Credits)
  • Our tutor is primary school trained so can relate to how study is applied in your school
  • You can enrol at any time of the year and start immediately as long as we have spaces available
  • All course material is online, there are no hard copy resources
  • All assignments are uploaded online, assignments can’t be lost through the post and have a faster marking turn-around
  • There are no compulsory block courses to attend, there is no requirement for you to take time off work to complete this study


About the programme

Student support staff will gain skills that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Our online certificates teach support staff how to support their learners, understand different cultures, manage behaviour effectively, understand classroom dynamics, create resources and implement strategies for teaching children at different levels of learning ability. 

What will student support staff gain?

  • Skills and knowledge to work in a student support role
  • Knowledge of human development
  • Skills to effectively support a child with special needs
  • Skills to support children with literacy and numeracy


Online study is a great option, as it allows you to study at home, at a time that suits, so you can balance family, work and social commitments. Certificates are approved for Student Loans through StudyLink. These courses are approved by the NZ Educational Institute (NZEI) and NZQA. 

Students have told us that our online courses are well designed, interactive and easy-to-use. The tutor is friendly and offers regular phone and email support.


Choose from three teacher aide certificates:

  • Certificate in Guiding Children’s Behaviour
  • Certificate in Supporting Literacy and Numeracy
  • Certificate in Assisting Children with Special Needs


Programme intakes

This course has no set intakes so you can enrol at any time as long as we have spaces available. 


Programme duration

Each certificate takes up to 32 weeks but can be completed over a shorter time period, if more than 12 hours per week is allocated to study.


Entry criteria

You must:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Be identified as a domestic student (one of the following):
    • a New Zealand Citizen, or a New Zealand permanent resident currently living in New Zealand
    • a Cook Island, Niue or Tokelau citizen
    • an Australian citizen who is currently living in New Zealand, or an Australian permanent resident who has a returning resident visa and is currently living in New Zealand
    • a refugee with refugee status who is directed to study as part of residency requirements.
  • Provide a birth certificate or passport as evidence of identity
  • Students are required to attest or provide written evidence that they have access to:
    • sufficient opportunities to work with children in an early childhood educational setting in order to meet the practical requirements of the programme.
    • a qualified teacher to supervise practicum work
    • regular access to a computer with a broadband connection to enable access to reliable internet, be able to send and retrieve emails with attachments
  • Applicants must receive a satisfactory police check to be accepted on to the programme. All applicants will be provisionally enrolled until this is received, at which time Training For You will determine if a student is eligible to be fully enrolled. This provision is in accordance with the ‘Vulnerable Children’s Act, 2014’.

Work Restrictions for Children's Workforce

Under the new Vulnerable Children's Act 2014 if you have a criminal conviction you will need to check if your conviction could prevent you from working in this industry. Visit http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/2014/0040/latest/whole.html#DLM5501909 for more information and a list of specified offences. 

2017 Fees

$378 per certificate.  Approved for Student Loans through StudyLink. 


Completing more than one certificate:

Second certificate $322, for graduates who have successfully completed one certificate and are enrolling on a second certificate (15% discount)

Third certificate $303, for graduates who have successfully completed two certificates and are enrolling on their third certificate (20% discount)


About the tutor

Kerran is a trained primary school teacher who resides in Wellington. Kerran has over 25 years’ experience in primary teaching, youth work and vocational tertiary education. She is married to Neville and together they have three natural children, a son in law and several other ‘unofficially adopted’ children. Kerran is passionate about working with teacher aides and student support staff, and says "The wonderful people who work in these roles have such a vital part to play, not only in the life of a school, but in making a significant difference in the lives of children and young people."


What students say...

"Teachers have made specific comments when assessing my work which helps my confidence. I enjoy learning about the way we think about the most effective ways to get results from children. I have a little victory party in my mind whenever I have helped a child to solve a problem. 

Combining the practicum is essential and helpful. I like the reflections, as it helped confirm to me in my own mind what happened or what I could have done better."


How to apply

To the left of this page you will find information about the teacher aiding courses.  From here you can download the documents you need to enrol on any of the three teacher aiding certificates we offer, you will also find frequently asked questions.  Should you wish to enrol you will need to download, print and complete the following forms or contact us on 0800 438 848 and request forms to be posted to you: 

  • Enrolment Form
  • Principals Letter - Access Form
  • Police Check Form - two forms of ID (one must have a photo). These must be signed by a trusted referee*
  • or Verification of Police Vetting Form – signed by your school if you have had a Police Check completed by them in the last 12 Months  
  • Main ID - Passport or birth certificate. If your last name has changed, please provide your name change documentation or marriage certificate. If your NSI (National Student Index) number is inactive you will also need to provide photo ID. All ID must be signed by a trusted referee*

Once you have completed and returned these to Training For You (postal address below), you will be contacted by the tutor for an interview. When you have completed an online reading and numeracy assessment and your suitability for study has been confirmed, you will then be formally accepted onto the certificate and provided with instructions on how to get started.

*A trusted referee must be over 16, have known the applicant for at least 12 months, and not be related, or a partner/spouse, or a co-resident of applicant, and be either registered with the Approved Agency or a person of standing in the community (e.g. registered professional, religious or community leader). The trusted referee must sign a copy of the ID’s and provide his or her name and contact details.

Postal Address


Training For You

144-152 Ingestre Street

Wanganui 4500


CALL US ON 0800 438 848 or email the tutor Kerran Bartley on kerran@trainingforyou.co.nz if you have any further questions.